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Kavanaugh Organic Tick Control L.L.C. Expands Service to Eastern Long Island


Kavanaugh Organic Tick Control is pleased to announce that our services are now available in Eastern Long Island. As a result, if you want an organic solution for either a tick problem or a mosquito problem that will pose no risk to your family whatsoever, you can count on us to step up. Now offering services in West Hampton, Southampton, East Hampton and more, our team is proud to serve the East End. Kavanaugh Organic Tick Control L.L.C. Expands Service to Eastern Long Island.

Why Should You Consider Organic Tick Control?


Generally speaking, both ticks and mosquitoes are considered to be pests. However, you might want to take them more seriously, seeing as how they are capable of posing a threat to humans by transmitting pathogens through their feeding.

Mosquitoes are particularly notorious for this because they are responsible for killing hundreds of thousands of people on an annual basis because of their bites. The overwhelming majority of these deaths happen outside of the United States. Even so, the country saw something like 167 deaths in 2018. For that matter, not dying isn’t the same as emerging problem-free because diseases such as heartworm, encephalitis, and chikungunya can have some very nasty symptoms for pets and humans.

We offer an all-organic solution that can be used to both eliminate pests and repel pests for a few weeks. That should provide you with enough time to make changes to your property. Something that we can help out with by pointing out potential vulnerabilities as well as how to correct them. By doing so, we will not just get rid of your tick or mosquito problem but also help you prevent your property from ever being infested by these pests again.

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