If you are planning on hosting an outdoor event on your property, contact Kavanaugh Organic Tick Control. Our specially trained certified technicians will help eliminate insects through the application of our special events spraying service.

This option will provide the protection needed to enjoy your outdoor event so that you can focus on your guests rather than  univited pests.  We will come to your event location in advance to apply an organic treatment, to ensure that your guests do not suffer mosquito bites and needless aggravation.

Our product will dry within 30 minutes of treatment and be applied to your property well before your guests arrive. Our special event spraying servies provide protection throughout the duration of your event, giving you less  to worry about and more opportunities to relax and enjoy your guests in the great outdoors. While planning an outdoor event is stressful enough, mosquitoes and other flying insects should be the last thing that you have to worry about. Tell those pests to BUZZ OFF and contact Kavanaugh Organic Tick Control today. 

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