While giving estimates to our clients there are many questions that are left unasked. There is a lot to cover when giving a full evaluation of ones property. Kavanaugh Organic Tick Control’s main goal is be as thorough as possible when performing our work as well as our free estimates. From the second we arrive we make sure we follow all guidelines to make sure our job is done to the best of our ability. Often times clients call with questions even after the estimate is complete. This is 100% fine and we encourage it. Being informed is always the best practice. Our mission is to be the best Long Island Tick & Mosquito spraying service so our clients are our number 1 priority. Answering our clients questions is a big part of our job. To give our customers piece of mind Kavanaugh Organic Tick Control L.L.C answers 3 commonly asked questions.

Kavanaugh Organic Tick Control L.L.C answers 3 commonly asked questions


1-How much does our service cost? Great question! Every property is unique so it is difficult to answer this fully without giving a FREE consultation. A free evaluation does not take a long time and we can give you a price directly on the spot.

2- Does our product leave a smell? All of the products that we use are all-natural, they might leave a slight odor but it will disappear after about an hour or so.

3- Will our products kill all the mosquitoes & ticks on the property? There is no solution that is 100% full proof. But! We will give you a guarantee that you will see a dramatic difference on your property.

We hope you enjoyed reading “Kavanaugh Organic Tick Control L.L.C answers 3 commonly asked questions”. If you have anymore questions or to receive a free evaluation of your property please contact us!

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