Before any kind of tick or mosquito spraying takes place James Kavanaugh always educates his customers of the process. Although all of the products are completely all natural, non toxic to humans, pets and beneficial creatures such as bees, butterflies, earthworms and lady bugs we still wants clients to be informed. Here are 3 organic tick & mosquito spraying questions that most customers ask.

1- What does it cost for Kavanaugh Organic Tick Control L.L.C. to spray a yard? That question depends on the size of the yard. Each yard is different so giving a fixed price would not serve as accurate. Customers can simple call for a Free estimate and our team will price quote you on the spot!

2-Once we spray the yard are there any odors left behind? Yes, although all of our products are all-natural and organic may leave a slight scent that will disappear within an hour or so.

3-How does rain or sprinklers effect the efficacy or treatment of the application? Once we spray the products naturally break down over time, however as long as there is about 30-45 minutes for the product to dry the rain should not effect your application.

If you have a question that we did not cover here please email or call us directly. Kavanaugh Organic Tick Control L.L.C. is a Long Island organic tick & mosquito spraying company that takes every inquiry seriously and efficiently.